Google Ads Campaign

Benefits of our campaign :

  • Better ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Top page ranking on your business by relevant keywords.
  • Best way to generate leads for your business
  • Increase your presence against your competitors.
  • Target audience based on local or international search engines.
  • Create Campaign Strategies Based On Users’ Demographics based on occupation, location,
    income, age, hobbies, gender, interests, values etc.
  • Schedule campaign based on season and best time of business.

Our Packages

What we will do in Google Ads Campaign :

  • We create account in google Adwords based on your business categories.
  • We set campaign based on occupation, location, time, income, age, hobbies, gender, interests, values etc.
  • We will make attractive text or image ads there so user can see ads and click on ads.
  • We will filter best and most searches keywords according to our budget of campaign.
  • We regular work on keywords and text ads according to Bid price so can get more click in lowest price.
  • We decide on keep Exact keywords or phrase keywords so how user comes by search.
  • We generate ads tracking code and add in website pages so we can track on each clicks
    and see which users comes from google ads and purchase products.
  • We work on negative keywords so we can filter unnecessary user comes from ads.
  • We can start / stop ads automatically according to time and location of any country.
  • You can set your budget according to your needs and recharge direct in google account.

Our Clients

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